Poinsettia Care and Handling

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When you receive your poinsettias, unpack them immediately.  Poinsettias naturally produce ethylene.  Keeping them boxed and/or sleeved too long can trap the ethylene, which could lead to droopy plants.

When you handle poinsettias, avoid lifting them by the shipping sleeve as this may lead to bract breakage.  Always handle the plant by the pot.  Rather than risking bract damage by sliding the sleeve off of the plant, carefully cut the sleeve from the bottom to the top, allowing for the sleeve to be unwrapped from the plant.


Check soil dryness by sticking your finger in the soil about in inch deep.  If the soil is slightly dry, add some water.  Another way to check to see if the plant needs watering is to pick it up.  If it feels light, add some water.  Watering is usually only needed every 2 -3 days.  Be careful to not over-water poinsettias.  This can lead to root rot, causing a wilted looking plant.  Do not let the plant sit in water.

Light and temperature

Poinsettias do like bright indirect light and do avoid direct sunlight.  They are best kept at 60 – 70 degrees.  Do not expose to hot or cold drafts, which may cause stress or leaf drop.


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