How To Make Your Cut Flowers Last Longer

Flowers are a bright and cheerful gift for any occasion. A bouquet of bright blooms can bring cheer to any space and leave a lasting impression, even after they’re gone. Whether you've sent or received flowers, you'll want them to be enjoyed for as long as possible. Fresh cut flowers don't last forever so follow these tips ensure the longevity of your flowers. Replace the water. Replacing the old water will not only make the bouquet look nicer but it will keep the water clean, hydrating the flowers with only the freshest water instead. To keep the flowers the longest possible, we...

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Orchid Care and Handling

care handiling how to Orchid tips

LIGHT. Orchids grow well near bright windows, with no direct sun light. An east window is ideal in the home; shaded south or west windows are acceptable. In dull, northern winter climates, a full southern exposure may be required. Artificial lighting is acceptable. Two- or four-tube fixtures are suspended six inches to one foot above the foliage, 12 to 16 hours daily. If leaves are hot, reduced light intensity. WATER is especially critical for this orchid. The medium should never be allowed to dry out completely. Plants should be thoroughly watered and not watered again until nearly dry, but not until...

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Poinsettia Care and Handling

care christmas handiling holiday how to plant poinsettia poinsettias tips

Unpacking When you receive your poinsettias, unpack them immediately.  Poinsettias naturally produce ethylene.  Keeping them boxed and/or sleeved too long can trap the ethylene, which could lead to droopy plants. When you handle poinsettias, avoid lifting them by the shipping sleeve as this may lead to bract breakage.  Always handle the plant by the pot.  Rather than risking bract damage by sliding the sleeve off of the plant, carefully cut the sleeve from the bottom to the top, allowing for the sleeve to be unwrapped from the plant. Watering Check soil dryness by sticking your finger in the soil about...

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