Why Not To Buy Flowers At A Big Box Store or Grocery Store

When you visit your local grocery store, you might notice that they have a special display dedicated to fresh flowers and, sometimes, potted plants as well. It’s always tempting to pick up a bunch when you’re looking for a gift in a hurry. However, it’s important to understand that the cheaper prices of these blooms might not mean real value for money.

Grocery store flowers are usually located in places that they are most likely to be seen by shoppers. This means that these flowers are subject to all kinds of weather conditions from harsh breezes, extreme cold, and excessive heat. Florist shops of the other hand, are kept in a refrigeration unit protected from any temperature changes. These conditions ensure better quality and longer lasting flowers.

The other issue with storing flowers out in the open, as grocery stores do, is the likelihood of damage. Your local flower shop will usually be frequented only by people looking for a fresh bouquet and they are unlikely to damage the displayed flowers while shopping. In a grocery store you never know when a child (or even adult) may break a stem, damage petals, or remove them from water, shortening the life of the flowers.

If you order flowers from your florist, the bouquet will consist of nothing but the freshest flowers and foliage. The flowers at your grocery store are all pre-arranged way ahead of time. If you receive a bouquet with wilting blooms, there isn't much you will be able to do about it except take them out and discard them. Ordering from you local florist guarantees that a trained hand will be creating and checking your bouquet, ensuring you receive the freshest flowers every time.


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